USD/CHF tests the resistance at 0.9268

May 8, 2012


Yesterday people traded USD/CHF in the range 0.9190-0.9250, however they showed bullish sentiment. Today it more likely will test the strong resistance level at 0.9268 and if  it doesn’t go through will find support at 0.9145 with the 50 period EMA. However if it breaks the resistance it more likely will continue in uptrend until the next resistance at 0.9335. Look for reversing/breaking bars/candles at the 30min -1 hour charts they should be the signals.

Trading idea: Look at the hourly chart(be careful on lower period the signal will be weaker) and if the price breaks the resistance at 0.9268 open long position 10 pips above the maximum of the breaking bar. Put your stop loss 10 pips below the minimum of the breaking(signal) bar and take profit 10 pips below the next resistance 0.9325. When you make 20-30 pips profit close part of the position in order to compensate eventual trend change. Beware of a bull trap! Good luck!

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Good luck!


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