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GBP/USD going up in correction?

June 3, 2012

When you look at the daily chart of GBP/USD  you can see that it tested the significant support at 1.5278 and rebounded, forming asymmetrical triangle. Read more


Forex: Technical analysis VS Fundamental analysis

June 3, 2012

Many traders wonder how to analyze the market – via the chart or via the news and events, many traders think that the news lead the movement of the price… But our opinion(and not only ours) is that the influence of the major events is not as big as you think. Trader’s Sentiment is what moves the price up or down. And you can see the sentiment of the traders at the chart. Most of the time the bad news are coming as a result of the previous downtrend movement and the good news are coming as a result of the previous uptrend movement. Read More


AUD/NZD Weekly Elliott Wave Analysis

May 21, 2012

When you look at the weekly chart of AUD/NZD you can see that since August 2008 till now it perfectly formed uptrend Elliott Wave movement. It also formed Symmetrical Triangle. This can give us the signal that the price more likely will break the resistance levels at 1.3050 and 1.3270 and will target the strong resistance at 1.3720. So we recommend you to open long positions if it breaks the resistance at 1.3050. You decide where to put your stop loss!

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GBP/USD goes up for Head and Shoulders?

May 17, 2012

In the last 3 days Cable broke the trendline and  support at 1.6050 and tested the other significant support at 1.5770. Now we can see on the chart the left shoulder and the head, so if it rebounds from the support at 1.5770 most probably it will make a correction till 1.6000-1.6050 to form the right shoulder and after that  GBP/USD will continue the downtrend movement.

Trading idea: Open a position at 1.5780 with stop loss at 1.5705 and take profit at 1.6030. If you use high leverage better skip this idea!

If you want to know what we consider high leverage and how leverage and big risk affect your trading click here .

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Forex: Money management – what separates winners from loosers

May 15, 2012

Have you asked yourself what strategy do you need to learn in order to become a successful trader? Have you tried to learn a lot of analyzing tools and indicators? Trend, support, resistance, Fibonacci, Gann, MACD, Moving Average, Bolinger bands etc. And in the end of the day you loose your capital… What is the problem? You analysis is over 50% successful however you loose money.

The answer is simple – Money management! In my opinion it is very easy to analyze the market over 50% successful! The hard part is to stay calm, to be patient to control your greed and emotions.

Have you been in a position to know that the market is going up, to think again and again “Why shouldn’t I put more money in this position? I am 100% sure it will go up!”? And then you decide to keep it the normal amount and… the market is going up and you regret your decision with the feeling that you have missed a good profit. And the next time when you are sure it will go up you open a huge position with high leverage(you are 100% sure it will go up) and… this time it goes down… and you loose a lot of money.

So what is the secret? NEVER risk more than 1-2% of your capital!

What is your success rate if you open a position with 100 pips take profit and 100 pips stop loss? Generally it is 50/50 which means that in a perfect world if you open 30 positions this month you will have 15 winning and 15 loosing positions and you will pay only the commission to your broker. If you risk 1% of your money you will be able to do it, however if you risk everything you cannot afford to loose on a position more than 2 times in a row.

Now imagine if you develop a little bit in technical analysis and your success is not 50/50 but 60/40, so you have opened 30 positions this month, 18 winning and 12 loosing. Lets say that you are trading with 10000$ – 1 pip= 1$ and leverage 1:1 . You always put your stop loss and take profit levels 100 pips away.


12 loosing positions * 100 pips = 1200 pips on  loss

18 winning positions * 100 pips = 1800 pips on profit

30 opened positions * 3 pips spread = 90 pips commission

So 1800-1200-90= 510 pips on profit = 510$ for 1 month

This is 6120$ profit on yearly basis which is 61.2%. I think  this is  great!

On the other side if you trade on high risk there is a chance to loose your whole capital for 1 hour…

Do you understand now why Money Management is one of the most important things in Forex?

All you need is discipline, self control, and just a little bit knowledge about the Forex market!

I wish I have helped you with this article!

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